DSC06158Option 1 'Simple'

Simple Formula includes acess to the 3 external pools where the water is around 96° fahrenheit - one of the pools has a jacuzzi with massage jets. There is also a panel of relaxing, thermal water overhead shower jets to cleanse and purify.

For the outside bathing area


Cost per adult 7,00 €
Cost per child (age 4 to 11, under 4s go free) 5,50 €
10 admissions 57,00 €
Annual Pass 100,00 €



Option 2 'Complète'

Complete Formula includes, in addition to the above, access to the Espace "bien-être" or Well-being area with its spacious hammam (steam room), sauna, vaporium (steam room with natural sulphur vapours), large jacuzzi, relaxation area and a tea room, where you can partake of a refreshing, hot beverage.

Cost per adult (age 12 upwards) 15,50 €
10 admissions - External pools + Well-being area 125,00 €
Annual Pass - External pools + Hammam + Well-being area 180,00 €

Group Rates

Available from 10 people upwards. Prior booking required. Please ask us for more details.

Beauty treatments and massages

Are available from 39€ for example in conjonction with la Formule Simple – which includes a 20-minute massage and unlimited access to the external pools and the Well-being area. We offer a number of different options.

The new Spa : L’Espace “Bien-être”

The previous hammam or steam room had a complete makeover at the end of 2016 to become the new Spa – l’espace “Bien-être”. This brand new area now comprises a large hammam perfumed with essential oils, complete with integral hand-held cold showers, a sauna taking up to 6 people, a traditional steam room (vaporarium) where you can breath in sulphur vapours, as well as a spacious jacuzzi. Note that “La formule complète” – which includes all of this, still entitles you to use the 3 external pools, as well as the relaxation area and the tea room where you can partake of a refreshing, hot beverage.


The Hammam (Steam room) at St Thomas

The Sauna

The Hammam is also know as a Turkish bath and dates back to Roman times. The word ‘hammam’ comes from the Arabic meaning hot water. This is a spacious, arched room with temperatures reaching around 104-107° fahrenheit, equipped with integral hand-held cold showers at your disposal.P1020488sdfg

Saunas originated in Finland. The idea is to alternate between staying in a room heated to a very high temperature for several minutes and going out of the room straight into a cold plunge pool. This contrasting hot/cold switch is considered to be particulary good for the skin. The high temperature in the sauna (which can vary from 140° to 176° fahrenheit) means that the body immediately reacts by dilating blood vessels and increasing the heart rate. The skin then sweats profusely, the pores dilate and the body naturally gives off endorphins or happy hormones which assist relaxation.P1020488sdfgh,

The Steam Room

The high quality of the thermal springs found at St Thomas has long been reputed to improve rheumatisme and skin problems, as well as respiratory ailments. The older peaple in the village tell us how they used to come here to help get rid of their colds and improve their breathing – just by inhaling the health-giving vapours. You can do the same in our steam room with its soothing temperatures (around 86 tp 95° fahrenheit) and its flow of natural, thermal spring water direct from the source at an amazing 136°. To be enjoyed without moderation…